Find the stories hidden in your data

Tame your data

Using automation, Vizall makes it quick and easy to fix errors in spreadsheets and bring to life the stories behind your numbers.

With the growing amount of data available in the world, we want to see you become confident finding insights and making data-informed decisions, even if you aren’t a ‘numbers person’. 

That’s why Vizall isn’t only about doing the work for you. It’s also a community to improve your data literacy.


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One. Upload

Drag and drop a spreadsheet into Vizall and let the magic begin.


Two. Fix errors

Vizall works out what data type is in each column, fixes spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, then points out outliers to help you discover the best stories.

Vizall has been created with a focus on Australian datasets and visualisations, with built-in recognition of local boundary types such as council areas, suburbs, postcodes and more.


Three. Visualise

Bring your spreadsheet to life with a mobile-friendly interactive map, searchable table or simply download your data for further analysis.


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Be part of the community

We’re passionate about equipping you to improve your data literacy. We can help you understand what’s going on behind the numbers and make evidence-based business decisions.

Join our community group to learn, grow and get inspired. Watch this space for exciting expansion in 2024. 

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